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Tea preparation:

1 teaspoon

Matcha Temperatur

70-80 degrees

Matcha Besen

approx. 20 sec.

Dosage: The content of a 20g pack of Matchatto is enough for about 20 cups.

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Martina Plundrich

Matcha Tee Abo


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20% on every subscription with a minimum term of 3 months

Non-stop energy and enjoyment and save 20%!

Our Matchatto creations are so delicious that they belong on the table every day. This is now particularly easy and inexpensive with our Matchatto enjoyment subscription. You get 3 matcha teas per month delivered to your home on time. So you can enjoy your favorite Matcha every day. Whether alone or with your family - the approx. 60 tea portions are the perfect supply for a month.

The subscription at a super low price comes easily to your home and you save 20%!

Frau trinkt Matcha Tee

Matcha Tee in Tasse giessen

Who has the choice, has the pleasure

Choose your favorite variation from our Matcha sets and order a subscription here. You will automatically receive the first delivery as soon as possible. You will receive another Matchatto set every month, so that you are supplied for a total of 3 months.

You find out with the first set that you prefer a different variety? No problem. You can easily change your organic matcha tea variation for the next delivery in your customer area.

You can choose from the following variations:

Fruity and fresh: orange + lemon + mint offer a varied, delicious selection of matcha tea for every day.

Hearty and spicy: Moringa & Cardamom + Mint + Pure - Matcha teas for everyone who likes it strong and a little exotic.

Aromatic and sensual: mint + moringa & cardamom + orange - a beautiful matcha blend of freshness, aroma and sensual fruit.

Fruity, fresh and spicy: lemon + pure + moringa & cardamom - the fruity freshness of the lemon offers a pleasant contrast to pure matcha and the oriental taste of moringa & cardamom

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