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Our production

In-house organic production - handmade from Berlin

In the summer of 2014, we completed our own production room in consultation with the organic certification body and the health department. In this, we produce our tea products with the help of modern machines. In order to protect our products, the highest hygiene standard prevails in these premises. At the same time, good storage conditions are ensured so that the ingredients in our stocks are optimally protected.

We have a three-dimensional mixing machine. With this, products that consist of several components can be brought together evenly. Since the mixing cylinder does not heat up, the vital substances in our health products are preserved. Thanks to a sophisticated filling facility, we can dose to the exact gram. In this way we can be sure that the quantities specified are strictly adhered to.

Modern and close to nature

We deliberately chose the headquarters of Matchatto GmbH in the green belt of Berlin. This is the ideal place for the development and production of our products, which we manufacture in a traditional city villa. Modern technology and ongoing series of tests with our raw materials and various spices ensure the first-class taste quality of Matchatto and other products from our company.

If you love your traditional tea, the way you've been drinking it for years, then it should be easy for you to try and learn to love our individual flavors. We don't see ourselves as a classic tea manufacturer or even as a competitor for coffee and energy products - we are the additive-free alternative to caffeine drinks.

Vegan & natural

Healthy enjoyment

High quality

We are concerned with quality and not with margins

At this point we decided on the quality of Matcha. As already mentioned, we would like to drink our Matcha tea, which we offer you and our guests, every day. The growing area, the surrounding landscape, the weather and the energy that this landscape radiates play a special role in the quality of the tea. We think we've found the best. The premium landscape also belongs to the premium tea.

Of course, matcha tea can also be harvested with machines. Our tea is hand picked. This allows us to guarantee higher quality. Only the most beautiful, tender leaves make it into the basket. And of course the first harvest, the first picking. Our tea is freshly picked and is delivered to you by the shortest route. His name is Matchatto.

Our hygiene standards

We value the highest hygiene standards according to HACCP and IFS Food Standards. The cleaning process is divided into several steps. We calculate 4 hours of cleaning after each production. Only then are our production rooms ready for the next production.

Our production facility – transparent processes

We think that as a customer you would like to have more information about the company, the products, the processes and the manufacture - to make sure that the price of each product is fair and justified. Our products are made in Berlin. We are a small, manageable tea factory. Many processes are done by hand. For example filling the tea bags. The labels are also applied by hand. For our matchatto recipe there is a so-called 3D mixer with a capacity of 25kg. He mixes our organic products very gently according to his own recipe. The drum moves slowly so that the products are not heated and as many ingredients as possible are preserved.

We love organic, for the love of nature

Bio Produkt

Organic certified

according to EC Organic Regulation

Öko Siegel


Issued by the EU control body

HACCP zertifiziert

HACCP certified

Application of the HACCP concept

Service hotline

Mon-Fri, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m


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