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Matcha Latte - the delicious matcha tea drink

Special features of our premium organic matcha latte powder

Organic and vegan

Lovingly handcrafted, our organic Matcha Latte powder is freshly bottled for you in our own organically certified factory in Berlin and is delivered directly to your home after you place your order. We source our organic matcha powder from the southern region of Kagoshima in Japan. There the plant grows on volcanic rock and thrives particularly well. The climatic conditions prevailing there are ideal so that the matcha plant can form a particularly large number of vital substances.

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Matcha Latte Powder Pure 100g
Organic seal

Pure matcha latte powder without sugar
    • Organic certified premium matcha latte powder
    • High-quality organic Matcha "Kaori" from Japan
    • Laboratory-tested ingredients from organic farming
    • In-house organic tea manufacture
    • High quality standard (HACCP-certified)

Matcha seal

Matcha Latte Powder Orange 100g
€22,90 €25,90
Organic seal

Organic Matcha Latte Powder with a fruity orange note
    • Organic certified matcha latte powder without sugar
    • Premium Organic Matcha "Kaori" from Kagoshima in Japan
    • High-quality organic orange oil from Mexico
    • Laboratory-tested ingredients from organic farming
    • In-house organic tea manufacture
    • High quality standard (HACCP-certified)

Matcha seal

Matcha Latte Set "Foam Dancer"
€48,50 €58,50
Security and seal of quality

High-quality & elegant Matcha Latte Set in a modern design
    • Accessory set for easy preparation of matche latte drinks
    • Eco-friendly shaker and travel mug with vacuum insulation
    • Black lacquered stainless steel covered with natural bamboo
    • Electric blender and milk frother with stainless steel spiral
    • Traditional matcha spoon (chashaku) made of high-quality bamboo
Matcha Latte Powder Orange with Coconut Sugar 100g
€22,90 €25,90
Organic seal

Matcha latte powder with a fruity-sweet orange note
    • Organic certified premium matcha latte powder
    • High-quality organic Matcha "Kaori" from Japan
    • Orange oil from Mexico in organic quality
    • Natural sugar from the blossoms of the coconut palm
    • Laboratory-tested ingredients from organic farming
    • In-house organic tea factory (HACCP-certified)

Matcha latte powder with coconut sugar 100g
Organic seal

Pure & gently sweet organic matcha latte powder
    • Organic certified premium matcha latte powder
    • High-quality organic Matcha "Kaori" from Japan
    • Natural organic sugar from the blossoms of the coconut palm
    • Laboratory-tested ingredients from organic farming
    • In-house organic tea manufacture
    • High quality standard (HACCP-certified)

Matcha Latte - everything to do with the healthy and delicious Matcha tea drink

After the triumph of the Italian coffee specialty latte macchiato, also called "latte" for short, Germans could soon have a new favorite drink: Matcha Latte.

Here we present our products to you and provide all the information you need to start the day fresh with Matcha Latte.

Matcha Latte im Glas mit Matcha Pulver und Besen

What is Matcha Latte?

A matcha latte is a mixed drink that is prepared based on the model of the latte macchiato .

This consists of a strong espresso and a good portion of well frothed warm milk - served in a nice glass.

With the Matcha Latte, instead of the espresso, you simply take a portion of highly concentrated Matcha tea and pour in foamed milk or a milk alternative of your choice. You already have a nourishing and tasty pick-me-up that won't give you a headache.

But let's go through the whole thing step by step.

Which matcha latte powder is suitable?

First, let's look at what matcha latte powder you need. We have 4 different varieties on offer for you – more will follow.

Just so there are no misunderstandings here: There is no milk or anything like that in the Matcha Latte powder. You always add this yourself.

The most important ingredient in matcha latte powder is therefore organic matcha tea .

In our simplest version, you get 100% pure premium organic matcha powder from which you can mix your matcha latte.

If you like it a little sweet, then the Matcha Latte Powder with Coconut Sugar is definitely something for you. The main ingredient is still premium organic matcha powder, supplemented with coconut blossom sugar. With this Matcha Latte powder you can mix wonderful drinks that have a subtle sweetness and give you an additional energy boost in a healthy way.

Would you like a little more flavor in your Matcha Latte? Then we have a very special creation for you:
The Matcha Latte Powder Orange - Pure premium organic Matcha powder with natural organic orange oil gives your Matcha Latte a fruity and exotic kick.

And for everyone who likes it sweet and fruity, there is the Orange Matcha Latte Powder with coconut blossom sugar .

So you see - you have the pleasure of choosing and can buy different variants of Matcha Latte. In this way, the classic can be varied without having to deal with many different ingredients.

Matcha latte preparation: How it works

Here comes your Matcha Latte recipe.

You need:

  • Matcha latte powder of your choice
  • A sip of warm water (60 to a maximum of 80 degrees), roughly the size of an espresso cup
  • Approx. 200 ml milk or a vegan milk alternative, if possible as a barista
  • A latte macchiato glass or similarly sized vessel (you can also use your tea bowl)
  • A milk frother

Thats how it works:

If you want to enjoy the Matcha Latte warm, carefully heat the milk - but do not boil. 60 to 80 degrees are enough!

Put about 1-2 level teaspoons of matcha latte powder in a glass.

Now you add the warm water. If you have a small electric milk frother , you can use it to mix the water and powder together. Alternatively, you can use a matcha whisk or a small whisk. Make sure the powder has spread into a smooth, viscous mass.

Now froth your milk vigorously and pour it into your concentrated matcha tea. If you like, you can add some matcha powder on top for decoration.

Your matcha latte is ready!

In summer you can use cold milk instead of hot milk and create a refreshing drink.

You can also play around with the amount of matcha powder, depending on how intense you like the taste and how big of a freshness kick you need.

Matcha Latte Caffeine: How lively does the mixed drink make you?

If you are unsure whether the Matcha Latte really makes you just as lively as your previously loved Latte Macchiato, we can reassure you:

Your matcha latte contains a similar amount of caffeine as your coffee. Comparing exact amounts of caffeine content makes little sense. Because the information varies depending on the type of coffee, tea and ultimately the amount of powder you use.

Much more interesting than the question of the caffeine content in Matcha Latte is therefore the comparison of whether it wakes you up just as well.

The special thing about the caffeine in coffee is that the caffeine is already released in the stomach and therefore works very quickly. However, the effect wears off quickly and sometimes even leads to inner nervousness.

In Matcha Latte, the caffeine is bound to so-called catechins and is only slowly released in the intestine. Therefore, the awakening effect starts a little later, but lasts for several hours. The other active ingredients in Matcha powder also promote concentration and inner peace, so that Matcha increases overall performance longer and more holistically.

Matcha Latte Calories: How does it hit the love handles?

Of course, Matcha Latte has a little more calories than pure Matcha tea. The total calorie content depends on the type of milk and powder used. Of course, our Matcha Latte with coconut blossom sugar contains a few calories. But based on the required amount of powder, the maximum is 3-4 Kcal. To give an example: If you prepare your Matcha Latte with 200 ml whole milk, you will get a drink with approx. 140 Kcal. When using oat milk, it is only between 80 and 90 Kcal.

If you want to be very mindful of the calorie count, you can replace part of the milk in the recipe with water and use low-fat milk.

Matcha Latte Cost: Is Matcha Latte More Expensive Than Latte Macchiato?

Some people argue that they can't afford to drink Matcha Latte every day. But is the Matcha Latte really that much more expensive than a Latte Macchiato?

Of course, it also depends on what you are comparing with. But you probably won't prepare your latte macchiato with the cheapest coffee. A good organic espresso costs much more than a simple coffee powder from the discount store.

With a pack of Matchatto Matcha Latte powder you can prepare 50 - 100 glasses of Matcha Latte , depending on how strong you like it. With this you can keep fit for 4 – 6 hours.

You will soon need more of the latte macchiato to keep you awake.

Of course, you shouldn’t use ceremonial-grade matcha powder for your matcha latte. When using our matcha latte powder with an excellent price-performance ratio, you will be able to satisfy your caffeine needs at a similar cost as with a good organic espresso powder or, for example, espresso capsules.

Now that you have all the information, there is really only one thing left: order matcha latte powder, look forward to the fast delivery and enjoy your first matcha latte with matchatto in a few days.

If you have any questions, we are of course happy to help you!

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