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Tea preparation:

Matcha Blatt

1 teaspoon

Matcha Temperatur

70-80 degrees

Matcha Besen

approx. 20 sec.

Dosage: The content of a 20g pack of Matchatto is enough for about 20 cups.

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Peter Schwarz
Echt super Matcha Tee

Sowohl die Bestellung/Lieferung als auch das Probierpaket verdienen 5 Sterne +

Annette Großer
Schnelle Lieferung

Schnelle Lieferung, geschmacklich ist der Matcha Tee einfach köstlich


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10% on your first order with the discount code: 10NEW

5 delicious varieties in one package that will sweeten your life

Our matchatto tea not only tastes good, it also has many positive effects on body and mind. The tea brings long-lasting alertness, promotes concentration and at the same time gives inner peace.

Many people also like to sweeten their everyday life with a delicious drink. So that this effect and a healthy drink are no longer mutually exclusive, we have created a new product series for you: Matchatto with a touch of coconut blossom sugar.

Don't know what to start with?

Then it's best to get the trial pack with all 5 delicious varieties that not only wake you up, but also give you strength and energy.

Frau trinkt Matcha Tee

Matcha Tee mit Kokoszucker Probierpaket

It's in the trial pack

Matchatto Pure plus coconut sugar: Your pure, gently sweet energy boost

Matchatto orange plus coconut sugar: your fruity, gently sweet energy boost

Matchatto lemon plus coconut sugar: Your refreshing, gently sweet energy boost

Matchatto mint plus coconut sugar: your cool, fresh, gently sweet energy boost

Matchatto Moringa cardomom plus coconut sugar: Your spicy, gently sweet energy boost

Special features of our organic matcha with coconut blossom sugar

Lovingly handcrafted, our pure organic Japan Matcha is freshly bottled for you in our own organically certified factory in Berlin and is delivered directly to your home after you place your order. We source our organic Matcha from the southern region of Kagoshima in Japan. There the plant grows on volcanic rock and thrives particularly well. The climatic conditions prevailing there are ideal so that the matcha plant can form a particularly large number of vital substances.

The taste of coconut blossom sugar is aromatic, with a slightly caramel-like note that harmonises perfectly with our matcha tea. The extraction of coconut blossom sugar is particularly sustainable because the coconut palms do not have to be felled for this, but can often feed a whole generation of people.

Matcha Tee mit Kokoszucker

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