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Matcha Pure: Tea powder in organic quality

Special features of our Premium Organic Matcha from Japan

Organic and vegan

Lovingly handcrafted, our pure organic Japan Matcha is freshly bottled for you in our own organically certified factory in Berlin and is delivered directly to your home after you place your order. We source our organic Matcha from the southern region of Kagoshima in Japan. There the plant grows on volcanic rock and thrives particularly well. The climatic conditions prevailing there are ideal so that the matcha plant can form a particularly large number of vital substances.

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Matcha Tea Pure Organic 100g
Organic seal and tea per cup

Pure matcha tea powder for enjoyment and well-being


    • Organic certified matcha tea powder "Kaori" from Japan


    • Tested ingredients from organic farming
    • In-house organic tea factory
    • High quality standard (HACCP certified)

Matcha seal

Matcha Tea Ceremonial Grade Organic 40g

Pure matcha powder of the highest ceremonial quality


    • Organic Certified Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea Powder
      from the Chubu region, near the sacred Mount Fuji in Japan


    • Slowly ground into powder in stone mills
    • Tested ingredients from organic farming
    • 100% vegan in raw food quality
    • In-house organic tea factory in Berlin
    • Reusable tea caddy with aroma lid
    • High quality standard (HACCP certified)

Matcha seal

Matcha tea pure with coconut sugar organic 100g
€15,90 €25,90
Organic seal and tea per cup

Pure & gently sweet matcha tea drink


    • Organic certified matcha tea powder "Kaori" from Japan
    • Sugar from the flowers of the coconut palm


    • Tested ingredients from organic farming
    • In-house organic tea factory
    • High quality standard (HACCP certified)

Matcha Pure: The original for true Matcha fans

Green tea and matcha connoisseurs and fans appreciate and love the original matcha taste free of any kind of additives.

Of course, we at Matchatto also have the appropriate organic matcha powder in our range.

Finest organic matcha from Japan

We source our premium organic matcha tea from the southern region of Kagoshima in Japan. There the tea plant grows and thrives particularly well on volcanic rock. The climatic conditions prevailing there are ideal so that the green tea plant can form an exceptionally large number of vital substances.

This means that our matcha powder pure ranks among the high-quality matcha teas.

Matcha pures Tee-Pulver

What makes a good matcha tea pure?

You may have wondered how to recognize a good matcha tea.

Organic quality is very important. Because with Matcha tea powder you are consuming the whole leaf - the leaves should only contain valuable vital substances and no harmful substances.

That's why we pay strict attention to the organic quality of all ingredients, which are checked by independent control bodies. By bottling in our in-house factory, we can also ensure that our Matcha teas are free of allergens.

Color is also an important quality feature. A good matcha tea has a beautiful light green to jade green color. This is due to the high chlorophyll content that is produced in the leaves when grown properly. In addition to the cultivation of the tea, the further processing is also important for the quality. The leaves should be gently dried and ground as finely as possible.

The taste of pure matcha tea

Matcha tea pure - in a good quality like our premium organic matcha - is characterized by a mild, slightly nutty, fresh taste. The pure matcha powder even has a slightly sweet taste of its own. It smells pleasantly aromatic. When drinking, it develops a delicate, bitter aroma, which does not stand out, but only underlines the taste.

The ingredients of matcha tea powder

Matcha tea powder pure is characterized by many valuable ingredients. This includes:

  • Lots of vitamins and minerals
  • A high concentration of catechins as antioxidants such as EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate)
  • L-theanine and other important amino acids
  • bitter substances
  • caffeine

All of these ingredients mean that matcha tea has such a positive effect on our organism.

As a healthy pick-me-up, matcha tea is much gentler than coffee and hardly causes any side effects. Due to the special combination of ingredients, Matcha stimulates and calms at the same time. This relaxed alertness promotes concentration and performance.

The matcha powder also helps to strengthen the immune system, protects against free radicals and can have a supportive effect on many ailments and processes, for example diabetes and weight loss programs.

Different quality levels of pure matcha tea

With matcha tea pure, there are different quality levels for which there are no fixed categories. Some providers recommend the simplest, somewhat harsher quality levels for cooking. At Matchatto we have a very tasty premium quality that you can enjoy both pure and in mixed drinks or innovative recipes.

The highest quality level for matcha tea is the ceremonial quality. Ceremony quality matcha tea powder is traditionally finely ground in granite stone mills. Only the flesh of the tea leaves without veins or stalks is used for this. It has a bright green color and a uniquely sweet taste.

It is suitable for everyday use, if you want to treat yourself to something special, or for your own little tea ceremony.

The ceremonial matcha tea is also ideal for yoga studios that want to offer something unique.

We now also offer Matcha in ceremonial quality under Matcha-Pur. You can now order Matcha Pure or our Ceremony Matcha here in the online shop.

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