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Tips for preparing matcha tea

Preparing matcha tea is not that difficult. But many shy away from the effort.
Therefore, we would like to give you some tips and tricks with this article.

Tips & tricks for the perfect tea preparation

With this blog post, we would like to show you various ways of preparing your Matcha in such a way that the energy booster is available to you in almost every situation. And if nothing works, we always have an alternative - the Matcha Drops .

The special thing about matcha tea

What is so special about Matcha tea that you need tips & tricks for the perfect tea preparation ?

Quite simply: Matcha tea is not, like other teas, an infusion drink. Because matcha tea consists of finely ground powder that is mixed with water and then drunk.

The valuable green powder has its origins in Japan, where it was primarily used in the tea ceremonies of the Zen monks. Therefore, the preparation is considered complex. But she doesn't have to be. Here we will show you various ways of preparing your Matcha - from a quick version to your personal, small tea ceremony.

Basics for preparing matcha tea

In order for you to be able to develop your own personal preparation method, it is important that you know the key data.

The right dosage of matcha tea

The matcha powder has an intense taste, so you can use it sparingly. For a large teacup you take about 1-2 grams of powder. That's about the equivalent of a level teaspoon. The powder can be dosed even better with a chashaku, the Japanese bamboo spoon.

This amount of powder is ideal for approx. 250 ml of water. Depending on your personal preference, you can make the taste more intense with less water or get a more delicate matcha note with a little more water.

Tip: The variant with lots of water is particularly suitable if you want to have cold Matcha ready as a refreshing drink in a drinking bottle during the day.

Mix the matcha powder

The matcha powder must be mixed well. The best way to do this is to first pour in a small amount of the hot water, stir until there are no lumps and then pour in the rest of the water. That's basically the most important thing. To prevent lumps from forming, a small whisk, an electric milk frother or the traditional matcha whisk are best. But in an emergency you can also use a spoon or a fork, only you won't get real foam with them.

Tips and tricks for the right water temperature

The water temperature should be between 60 and 80 degrees. The best way to do this is with a kettle, where you can set the temperature. There are now numerous models that are not too expensive and are doubly worthwhile in terms of energy saving.

If you don't have such a kettle available, you can easily adjust the temperature:

You boil your water briefly and then let it cool down for 10 minutes with the lid open. During this time you have reached a temperature of approx. 80 degrees, after a good 15 minutes it is 70 degrees.

It's quicker if you mix the boiling water with cold water. You need a ratio of 2 to 1, e.g. B. Mix 2 cups of boiling water with 1 cup of cold tap water. That gives an approximate temperature of 70 degrees.

The right vessel for Matcha preparation

Basically, you can prepare matcha tea in any cup. It should be big enough that you can stir it properly and nothing spills over the edge.

Of course, the traditional tea bowl is best suited. It is wide enough to stir well and high enough that the liquid stays in the bowl.

Special tip: If you have a shaker at home, you can also prepare your tea in it! Then you don't even have to stir.

Tips for quick preparation in everyday life

If you want to prepare your matcha tea in everyday life and don't have any special accessories, then you take:

1 large teacup
1 teaspoon
Maybe a sieve.

Put a level teaspoon of matcha powder in your mug. Pour a little bit of the maximum 80 degree hot water and stir the resulting paste well. Then pour in the rest of the water while stirring vigorously.

Your matcha tea is ready. It only takes a few seconds and can even be done in the office kitchen.

It can be stirred even better with a small whisk.

To avoid lumps, you can also strain the powder directly into hot water through a sieve and then stir well.

Technical support for Matcha preparation

Preparing matcha tea with an electric milk frother is not very traditional, but practical. The mini mixers fit in almost every cup and ensure in no time at all that your matcha powder is perfectly mixed and that nice foam is also created.

To do this, portion your level teaspoon of Matcha powder into your cup or tea bowl, mix the powder with a small amount of water, then pour on and mix well by dipping the milk frother into the cup. Otherwise the matcha tea may splatter around the kitchen.

You can also make delicious matcha lattes this way. Just use hot milk or oat milk instead of hot water.

Of course you can also use an electric smoothie maker, i.e. a stand mixer.

Simply put Matcha powder in the blender, add the hot water and mix until the powder has dissolved and distributed well. You can already enjoy your Matcha without doing it yourself. And of course you can also use it to create exciting mixed drinks.

The traditional preparation of matcha tea

All the preparation methods presented above do not correspond to the spirit of matcha tea at all. They are merely a confession to the hustle and bustle of our time and your everyday life. A way to still get at least the physical benefits of this superfood.

But the full Matcha experience for all the senses comes about as part of the traditional preparation.

The accessories for the traditional preparation

For this you need if you want to do it the traditional way:

And of course: matchatto matcha powder

In our online shop you can order your Matcha tea accessories directly with your favorite tea or a sample pack to your home. To get you started, we recommend our beautiful Matcha sets , where you can get all the accessories more than 25% cheaper than the individual price.

The simple traditional preparation

With the bamboo spoon you put a small portion of matcha powder in your bowl. For our bowl size, a heaped spoon is enough for medium intensity. Then you pour on a bit of the 60 to a maximum of 80 degrees hot water, stir with the matcha whisk and then pour on the rest of the water.

Now beat vigorously with the Matcha whisk until a nice green foam has formed and all the powder is evenly distributed. This is how the taste of the Matcha really unfolds.

If you let your tea stand longer, you can use the broom to stir up the powder that settles on the floor.

Don't throw away the dregs - they contain valuable nutrients!

Your personal little Japanese tea ceremony

Basically, the tea ceremony and personally contradict each other a bit, because the traditional Japanese tea ceremony takes place with several guests. If you want to enjoy the associated silence above all for yourself, then adopt the 4 principles of the tea path, which form the basis of the tea ceremony.

These are:

  • Harmony (和) - Wa
  • Esteem and Respect (敬) - Kei
  • Purity (清) - Sei
  • Silence (寂) – Jaku

The principle of harmony is fulfilled, among other things, by the harmoniously coordinated accessories. If you also have a nice flower arrangement and a cozy place, the external framework conditions are already well suited. When there are several people, it is also about the harmony in the room.

Give yourself, possibly your guests, the accessories and the matcha powder your appreciation and respect.

Before you start the little ritual, you should clean all utensils, your face and your hands. Also pay attention to an inner cleansing by leaving behind everything that weighs you down for a moment.

Silence arises from the interaction of the first 3 principles. It means the silence in the spirit, your inner peace. Achieving this is a goal for your little tea ceremony.

Embrace the principles.
Then take a few minutes and carry out all the steps of Matcha preparation very consciously and carefully.

Enjoy your tea in peace and not hectic on the side.
Let your smartphone rest during this time - your mind and body will thank you.

We wish you a lot of joy, enjoyment and the best of health when enjoying Matchatto.

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