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Matcha Recipes

Discover our lovingly compiled Matcha recipes

The use of matcha in the kitchen has become increasingly popular in recent years as the powder not only has a unique taste but also has many health benefits. The use of matcha for cooking and baking is very versatile and there are countless ways to integrate green tea powder into your daily diet.

A major advantage of matcha is that it is easy to prepare and brings a variety of flavors and aromas to your dishes. Matcha can be prepared in many ways, from classic drinks like matcha latte and matcha smoothie to innovative desserts like matcha cake and matcha ice cream .

Matcha can also be used in baked goods like cakes and cookies to add the green color and a mild tea flavor. Or in pestos , dips, jams and marinades to create a special flavor.

Matcha is a fantastic superfood for conjuring up exotic and culinary dishes while bringing healthy nutrition into your everyday life. Now if you're curious about how to make matcha yourself, there are many easy and delicious recipes you can try.

Sweet seduction

What could be more delicious than a piece of chocolate with a delicious cup of matcha tea? If this is also sugar-free - so much the better. You can enjoy...

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Pesto with matcha

If there is a lot of green growing in the garden in summer, it is quick and easy to prepare. The pesto goes well with pasta, potatoes or rice. You...

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Matcha jam

Summer is coming, and delicious fruit is ripening on the trees and bushes. Now the cooking time begins. Jam and jelly in particular are quick and easy to cook. Here,...

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Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte tastes good, is super healthy and a delicious coffee alternative. We will show you how to prepare the perfect matcha latte yourself with matchatto tea powder. You need:...

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Matcha Coconut Lemon Smoothie

Your refreshment in summer, with Matchatto Pure . Whether as a healthy alternative to juice or to quickly feel full: Smoothies are all the rage. The addition of matcha powder is...

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Chocolate Matcha Mint Cake

When we think of sponge cake, we usually think of sweet, do you feel the same way? Some of you may have seen a cake with carrots or zucchini, but...

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Matcha fruit breakfast

Pimp your breakfast, with Matchatto Pure . This gives the breakfast classic a real added value not only visually, but also in terms of content. They're back, strawberries. I love these...

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