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About Us

what do we stand for

Learning from nature, being inspired, taking people and their abilities seriously. Manual work and creativity with the support of machines that process the raw materials in a gentle way. Hand in hand in our own production facilities, hygienically clean and tested.

The taste: "Clear and honest!" The smell: "Pleasantly intense!" The sight: "A happy event!" We are completely committed to the clean processing of plant-based raw materials. Invigorating energy and relaxation for the soul!

From a pure matcha powder to the finished matcha mixture with various spices and oils, every product is characterized by the quality of a natural product. Here, too, we will surprise you with further innovative recipes in the future. It's not just about the extraordinary taste, but also about the effect. Life energy, inner cleansing, strengthening the body, stimulating the metabolism or stimulating the libido are just a few of the possible solutions of our actions.

Our Matchatto family

We built our manufactory on the outskirts of Berlin. Environmental awareness and social competence does not start somewhere else, but with us.

Here we develop our tea products with people from different countries. People from Bolivia, China, Germany, Japan, North Macedonia, Palestine, Poland and Syria work together in our Matchatto team. Social skills and flat hierarchies play a major role. We want to work together here in such a way that work is also a place of well-being and creativity.

We don't want to create a world of solidarity in the future, but here and now. Come by and take a look. We create regional, sustainable products that we love ourselves and drink every day. Health and enjoyment do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Matchatto surrounded by a native jungle

In our "Villa Hufeland" with a large garden and other accommodation options, we have created a small paradise for people, animals and plants. We planted over 50 trees, built a water landscape and created hiding places for birds, insects and four-legged friends. The rainforest is on our doorstep.

The Yuneiko company from Berlin-Buch has set itself the task of not only talking about sustainability and regionality, but also implementing them directly in the house and on the doorstep. Our garden is a living example of this. The Matchatto production facility in Villa-Hufeland is surrounded by a natural garden design.

We have planted around 50 trees and several thousand plants here to give people, animals and insects a home in harmony with us. Many areas of the garden are reserved for animals only. This is how a native jungle was created. There is also an approx. 70m² pond. Here ducks breed on a small island, frogs croak and dragonflies, red and blue, small and large "helicopters" fly around in summer. Many bird species that have become rare have settled here. During the day and in the evening the nightingale sings its extraordinary songs. The fox has built a den for himself, in the evening the raccoons climb off the roof.

We love organic, for the love of nature

Bio Produkt

Organic certified

according to EC Organic Regulation

Öko Siegel


Issued by the EU control body

HACCP zertifiziert

HACCP certified

Application of the HACCP concept

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