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Schenk Deinem Matcha ein leckeres Upgrade mit unserem Haferdrink Pulver

Entdecke unser fermentiertes Bio Vollkorn Haferpulver - die ideale Wahl für ein köstliches und nahrhaftes Getränk, das den klassischen Barista-Stil bietet.

Besonders lecker in Kombination mit unseren Matcha Tees als köstliche Matcha Latte Variante!

Jetzt zugreifen, solange der Vorrat reicht!

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Find your match(a)!

Matcha tea from €6.50!

No matter how delicious the matcha is, every now and then it's time to discover something new. You can now find over 20+ different, delicious matcha recipes in our online shop.

Awaken your spirit of discovery with variety that suits your taste. And the best thing: you get a 15% discount for orders of 3 or more bags.

What are your favorites? We are excited!

Matchatto mix

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Buy organic matcha tea in premium quality from our own factory online



In our matcha shop you embark on a journey of discovery to the secrets of matcha tea. Explore the fantastic effects of green tea, antioxidants and valuable Matcha ingredients. Discover the variety of flavors from the aroma of our unique recipes, which are created with love and dedication in our in-house factory in Berlin. Find out why monks in Japan and followers of the tea ceremony have relied on this superfood for centuries.

So that your journey of discovery doesn't just take place in your head, you can order our comprehensive selection of organic matcha teas and all other items online and your delivery will come directly to your home. We wish you a happy discovery and a lot of enjoyment while trying it.



Here you get an overview of our Matcha shop

Matcha tea: the start of your journey

Buy matcha tea >

It is best to start your tour of discovery with the core of our offer for perfect tea enjoyment - the Matcha tea category. Here you will find all the Matcha varieties that we have on offer and lots of information about the heavy powder.

Our in-house recipes not only offer pure organic matcha of the highest premium quality, but also a wide range of teas with unique taste nuances.

The most important ingredient of all teas is of course the green tea powder. For more variety in taste and an additional positive effect, the finely ground powder from the leaves is dusted with essential oils or finely tuned with herbs or spices.

The result is unique matcha teas that you can only get in this form and in the best organic quality when you order in our online shop.

Matcha tea with coconut sugar

Buy matcha tea with coconut sugar >

Sugary drinks are still in high demand.

Certainly one reason is that with a sweet drink you also get a little extra boost of energy, independent of the caffeine. The sugar not only makes your mouth taste better, it also gives you energy.

So that this effect and a healthy drink are no longer mutually exclusive, we have developed a recipe for you in which, in addition to the other ingredients, we mix some organic coconut blossom sugar as an additional ingredient in our different types of tea.

You can easily discover these special organic Matcha teas here and add them to your orders.

Matcha Drops - the quick energy boost

Buy Matcha Drops >

Our Organic Matcha Drops are a real innovation on the Matcha market. We experimented for a long time until we succeeded in producing small green pellets without any additional additives. With this product you always have your freshness boost in your jacket pocket.

Our innovative Organic Matcha Drops are available in different varieties. The ingredients are just matcha powder, moringa powder and, depending on the variety, guarana or an essential oil. It's best to try the drops directly - our customers are certainly enthusiastic about it.

Matcha tea accessories: tradition at home

Buy matcha tea accessories >

Even if you're not planning a tea ceremony at home, it's a lot of fun if you enjoy your Matcha tea with the right accessories, following tradition.

The most important accessory that not everyone just has at home is the matcha whisk. With this item made of fine bamboo, the Matcha tea can be optimally stirred until it is foamy, without the valuable ingredients being damaged.

There is a matcha brush holder so that the matcha brush does not lie around somewhere on the table and spills after use.

Of course you can also drink your matcha from a cup. But a matcha bowl is not only much more convenient for the preparation, but also looks great. We have some beautiful models on offer. The best thing is to add the new shell in the color of your choice directly to your shopping cart.

You can also get some of our offers as a set at a particularly low price.

Sample packs: How to find your matcha favourite

Buy Matcha Trial Packs >

If you have little experience with our Matcha creations, then our trial packages are the perfect start. Here you can test each aroma extensively on your Matcha favorites. But even if you already know our creative organic green teas in powder form, our sample packs are an excellent way to add variety to your tea enjoyment at a good price. Treat yourself or your loved ones to these practical little sample bags of high-quality organic matcha. With the fast delivery time, you can also spread joy and good taste with these delicious drinks at short notice.

Matcha Set: Dreamlike tea enjoyment at home

Buy Matcha Set >

The perfect preparation of our delicious Matcha tea is of course best achieved with the matching Matcha set. In our highest quality matcha set you will find everything you need to prepare your matcha tea the traditional way. Enjoyment begins with the preparation.

It has been an affair of the heart for us for a long time, which we are now finally able to fulfill: 4 beautiful matcha bowls have found their way into our online shop. And so we can now offer you a complete matcha set!

So you have all the utensils together to hold your very own little tea ceremony at home or just to prepare the perfect matcha and have a lot of fun doing it.




The preparation of matcha tea

We recommend not pouring the tea hotter than 60-80 degrees . Put about 1 level teaspoon of Matchatto in a glass or bowl. Then pour some water on it and...


100% natural

Our products are certified organic and contain NO harmful additives! We value nature and DO NOT use genetically modified raw materials!!!

green energy

The taste: "Clear & honest!" The smell: "Pleasantly intense!" The sight: "A happy event!" We are committed to clean processing.


Our products are packaged, mixed and bottled in our own production facilities. This is done lovingly by hand and with modern technology.

frequently asked Questions

We are the experts for organic matcha. We regularly order fresh organic premium matcha from Japan. Our organic matcha is therefore always fresh. We process the raw material directly by hand here in Berlin. This allows us to examine the raw material and always have direct control during bottling.

Since our main raw material Bio Matcha comes from Japan, we designed our logo with a Japanese deity in the Shinto faith, the cat, who is worshiped as a spirit. The cat is worshiped by cat shrines in many places in Japan. In our company, too, cats are loved and revered. We love the mysterious, the individuality of her character, the untameability. Cats and tomcats have a special energy. We can use them now in our social situation. Let's get to the other masks. We deliberately didn't choose a run-of-the-mill design. Lovely design, beautiful landscape, ornamental plant design. We wanted to create a counterbalance to the "muzzle" visible everywhere. With a wink, we can also use the mask differently. Masks are often sensual, we slip into another world, we become other beings. We want to be someone else or get energies from another world. There is something playful about masks or we can receive spiritual energies through them. We can go on a spiritual journey with them. Sometimes it's meant to be scary and we want to scare others with it. Masks don't have to be beautiful. In the end the secret remains. We also want to express this with our teas and drops. The mysterious tea or drops experience. Own recipes with a special mysterious tea or drops taste without chemicals and fillers. Only what's on the inside. Real precious handwork made with love. We love our tea and our drops. We drink it ourselves with pleasure.

Matcha tea is also known as shadow tea. The Tencha plant is shaded by cloths and tarpaulins at a certain point in time. That means she only gets 10% of the normal sun exposure. The plant tries to compensate for this and thus produces more chlorophyll. It is much greener than normal green tea and thus forms the exorbitant positive nutrients that are good for our body. The manual work to shade the tea and the further processing make the Matcha tea special and also justify the price.

Our organic matcha comes directly from the southern region of Kagoshima in Japan. This is particularly suitable for tea plantations because they grow on volcanic rock. This is particularly suitable for the Tencha plant, from which Matcha is made.

Our products are absolutely organic certified and vegan. They are constantly checked for pesticides and other toxins. The plants do not come into contact with animal products.

The green Matcha leaf powder is ground in special mills after the drying process, nutrient-friendly. The leaf powder does not dissolve. It's the ground leaves with the nutrients in them. Therefore, please stir briefly every now and again during longer drinking breaks. The Matcha whisk is particularly suitable for this. And at the end of the last sip, leave as little tea as possible behind

Of course not. Matchatto forms natural caffeine. It brings energy and alertness. This is also interesting for a coffee drinker. The caffeine in Matchatto is produced by the plant itself, bringing a pleasant long-lasting curve of energy without making you jittery and jittery. The circulation and the stomach stay calm and relaxed. For the coffee drinker after the 2nd cup of coffee it is definitely an alternative to occasionally add a matchatto.

We do not recommend matchatto for children and pregnant women due to the high caffeine content.

Our products are produced sustainably. There is no special waste. Everything is sustainably produced by hand. We use paper bags and paper labels.

All Matchatto products are 100% without fillers and additives. We are our best consumers. We have been drinking our own tea with enthusiasm for many years. First and foremost, our Matchatto should taste good and if it is also good for the body then the conviction is all the stronger.

All offered tea and drops products contain no added sugar. However, we will still be offering a product line with coconut blossom sugar. This is low glycemic and does not have such a superficial sweetness and tastes a bit malty. This is then highlighted on the packaging.

In fact, it wasn't easy to press our drops without any fillers. We have tried many different recipes. We had and have made it our task not to use any third-party aids. Both with the teas and with our drops variants. With the current mixing ratio of organic matcha and organic moringa and the corresponding pressure, it finally worked. Everything is pure and certified organic.

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