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Tea preparation:

Matcha Blatt

1 teaspoon

Matcha Temperatur

70-80 degrees

Matcha Besen

approx. 20 sec.

Dosage: The content of a 100g pack of Matchatto is enough for about 100 cups.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Elke Müller
So macht Matcha Spaß!

Die Kombination von Matcha mit natürlichen ätherischen Ölen peppt den Geschmack richtig auf!

Christian Seidl
Tee Bewertung

Also ich kannte den Tee nicht , und war gebe ich zu skeptisch. Ich habe den Tee mit Zitrone und den reinen Matcha Tee genommen. Beide sind sehr gut , ich werde wieder bestellen, auch weil beide Bio zertifiziert sind .

Wolfram Odin
Matcha Eistee

Endlich! Darauf habe ich schon lange gewartet. Matcha Zitrone kalt getrunken wie ein Eistee. Viel besser als die konventionellen gesüßten Eistees.
Fruchtig lecker mit Matcha, das ist ja mal eine Idee. Junges Matchatto Team macht weiter so. Ihr bekommt von mir 5 Sterne.

Ute Riedel
Morgens Matchatto

Morgens komme ich nicht in die Gänge. Das ist genau der Geschmack der meinen Kreislauf puscht. Der aphrodisierende Geruch und die Wirkung von Matchatto einfach Klasse.

Koffee Ersatz

Ich trinke den Matcha mit Zitronenöl morgens super gerne und greife dadurch weniger zum Kaffee!


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10% on your first order with the discount code: 10NEW

Matcha with lemon

Our Organic Matchatto Lemon is a tea blend made from particularly high-quality ingredients. Ingredients include Organic Japan Matcha and Organic Lemon Essential Oil. Nothing else. Our organic matcha gets a wonderfully pleasant fruity note with the lemon oil and can enrich the taste of natural organic matcha. The ingredients are known for their health benefits. As a high-quality tea, Matchatto is certified organic and free from artificial additives. Organic Matchatto contains a particularly well-tolerated type of caffeine. This makes it a healthy alternative to coffee.

Matcha for sports and fitness

you love to move At home or in the fitness center. You like to run or swim, do strength training or just want to cut a good figure. A glass of organic matchatto lemon before exercise mobilizes your energy. It helps you to regain your strength and focus. It gives you a nudge not to give up today, to overcome your weaker self. Matchatto lemon helps get your metabolism going. Daily exercise and Organic Matchatto Lemon are the ideal combination to achieve more. Matchatto Lemon tastes fruity and invigorating. And now you too can discover the secret of Matchatto.

Special features of our organic matcha

Lovingly handcrafted, our pure organic Japan Matcha is freshly bottled for you in our own organically certified factory in Berlin and is delivered directly to your home after you place your order. We source our organic Matcha from the southern region of Kagoshima in Japan. There the plant grows on volcanic rock and thrives particularly well. The climatic conditions prevailing there are ideal so that the matcha plant can form a particularly large number of vital substances.

Matcha Tee in Schale

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