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Matcha tea effect: This is how matcha tea works

What exactly is the effect of matcha tea that makes this green tea drink so precious?

Everything you need to know about the effects of matcha tea

Matcha tea is enjoying increasing popularity. This is not only because Matcha tea - especially in the form of our unique Matchatto creations - tastes super delicious. The Japanese green tea drink also has a variety of beneficial effects on the body and mind . In this article you will get a detailed overview of the effects of matcha and why it should have a permanent place in your drinking habits.

Precious greens: what is matcha powder?

First, let's start with the simple question of what matcha actually is.

Matcha powder is extracted from the leaves of the tea bush - Camellia sinensis. Incidentally, this plant is the mother of all known types of tea, which differ only in the further processing and subtleties in cultivation. Compared to classic green tea, the leaves of the tea bush are shaded shortly before harvest for Matcha. As a result, a particularly large number of valuable plant substances and a high concentration of chlorophyll accumulate in the leaves of the tea.

After harvesting, a fine powder is ground from the gently dried tea leaves. The matcha powder that we know as matcha tea and that - in high quality - has this beautiful green color is ready.

Healthy and lively: The effects of Matcha tea at a glance

What exactly is the effect of matcha tea that makes this drink so precious?

For the information summarized here, we took a look at documented studies and various internet articles. Many studies refer to green teas in general. Since the active ingredients in Matcha are similar to those in green tea, only they are more concentrated, the statements of these studies can be transferred accordingly.

Matcha - the healthy pick-me-up

Let's start with the obvious. For many people, the day really begins with a cup of coffee as a synonym for an external substance that makes you feel good. Matcha tea is much gentler and healthier.

Due to the specific ingredients, which we will take a closer look at later, Matcha tea manages the balancing act of not only stimulating, but also calming at the same time. This creates a gentle, natural alertness , without any nervousness, inner restlessness or a sudden drop in performance, as is often the case with coffee.

Matcha to protect brain function

In addition to the encouraging and relaxing effect, Matcha tea also has a positive effect on concentration and brain power. Therefore, this green tea powder is also particularly suitable as a companion through the working day. The tea ensures that our brain function is maintained into old age.

The analysis of numerous studies shows that green tea can reduce the risks of cognitive disorders, especially in old age.

Does matcha work as an antidepressant?

A study was conducted in Japan on over 1,000 elderly people to find the link between depression and increased consumption of green tea.

In fact, people who regularly drank 4 or more cups of green tea showed a 44% reduction in symptoms of depression compared to people who drank 1 cup or less. Another study in Japan also confirms a positive correlation between green tea consumption and a 51% lower likelihood of developing depression symptoms.

Matcha tea health effects

Matcha tea is also said to have many positive health effects . There are already some studies that confirm this. Many effects are also derived from the ingredients such as the antioxidants, about which more is known than about the specific effects of green tea.

The valuable ingredients in Matcha tea basically strengthen the immune system and general well-being. The relaxation effect of matcha also has a positive effect on health, because stress is a major burden on our body.

Studies on animals suggest that matcha tea can help with many diseases. It is said to reduce inflammation and even protect against cancer.

Matcha tea effect on blood sugar levels

A cup of Matcha tea can lower blood sugar levels . This drink is therefore also suitable for supporting diabetes. In conjunction with studies indicating that green tea can also lower cholesterol levels, positive conclusions can be drawn for cardiovascular disease support.

Beautiful skin thanks to matcha

The antioxidants in matcha can protect against free radicals, among other things. Free radicals fuel the aging process and can damage our cells. With matcha tea as a fountain of youth and a weapon against free radicals, the cells are better protected. By the way, did you know that you can not only drink Matcha for beautiful skin, but also use the powder as a face mask?

You can increase the effect of matcha tea on the skin by using your momentum and moving around a lot in the fresh air. And if your strength dwindles on the way, Matchatto also has Matcha Drops that you can quickly chew and swallow in between.

Matcha tea promotes a healthy intestinal flora

A healthy intestinal flora is very important for our health. Matcha tea has a positive effect on our entire digestive system and especially on our intestinal flora.

When our intestinal flora gets out of balance, this increases our appetite for sugary foods and drinks, among other things. Regular drinking of organic matcha can counteract this.

Matcha tea - help with weight loss?

An important question that comes up again and again is whether and to what extent matcha tea can help with weight loss.

Scientists have been able to prove in studies that green tea and especially matcha can actually support weight loss . Various factors play a role in maintaining a healthy body weight. This includes, among other things, a good metabolism, an appetite that corresponds to the body's actual calorie consumption and well-functioning fat burning.

This is exactly what the catechins in matcha tea have in high concentrations.

They ensure that the metabolism and fat burning are stimulated. The appetite is reduced. At the same time, enjoying matcha brings a lot of energy for sporting activities, which you should definitely use if you want to lose weight.

Matcha - fitness maker for sports aces

For athletes, fitness enthusiasts and anyone who likes to move, matcha tea is a must. There's almost nothing this drink can't do.

Matcha with its caffeine and valuable antioxidants provides strength and energy for all fitness activities, protects the muscle fibers and supports muscle building. Many athletes drink diluted matcha tea as a cold drink during and after training.

Can Matcha Improve Male Fertility?

Research on healthy Chinese men found that men who drank green tea regularly could have higher total sperm counts and sperm concentration. The antioxidants also ensure that cell damage is also reduced in this area. Even the motility and viability of male sperm are increased by drinking this tea.

Which ingredients are responsible for the positive effect of organic matcha?

Now that we have considered the numerous positive effects of Matacha tea , we want to take a closer look at which substances are the cause of this.

Matcha tea contains, among other things, the following valuable ingredients:

  • L-theanine and other important amino acids

  • A high concentration of antioxidants such as EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate)

  • Vitamins A and other vitamins and minerals

  • bitter substances

Amino acids and caffeine make you wide awake and relaxed

The combination of L-theanine, which has, among other things, relaxing and positive effects on our brain, and caffeine ensure a very healthy waking effect.

Nervousness and restlessness as well as steep upward and downward curves are absent. Experience reports show that the encouraging matcha tea effect is gentle and yet very clear.

Bitter substances - useful companions in all types of green tea

The bitter substances contained in tea powder are also very healthy for our digestive system and are among the ingredients that boost metabolism. These bitter substances can hardly be tasted in our organic matcha, because many people fear the bitter taste.

The intensity of this slightly bitter taste depends on the amount of tea powder used and how long the tea is left to stand.

Anyone who is sensitive to bitter substances should enjoy the matcha tea as soon as possible after preparation and not leave it for long.

Did you know? Our balanced recipes with essential oils, spices, moringa and other valuable ingredients make matchatto a particularly delicious drink that even people who don't like matcha like.

Catechins fuel the metabolism

EGCG a form of secondary plant substances with high antioxidant potential. This fuels the metabolism, protects our cells from free radicals and may also promote blood circulation.

The antioxidants are also the reason why green tea is used as a proven home remedy for gastrointestinal infections and colds.

Leader: The ORAC value of matcha tea

The antioxidant effect of food is determined with the so-called ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbing Capacity). Matcha tea is one of the top superfoods with 1711 units per gram.

This value even exceeds super healthy foods such as goji berries or pomegranate seeds.

How do you best benefit from the fantastic properties of matcha tea?

With so many great features, you will surely want to get started right away and get the most out of it for you and your body. That's why we're now going to tell you how you can best benefit from the superfood made from green tea. Here are the most important tips for your health benefits:

Pay attention to quality

The most important point first: The quality of your matcha tea is decisive for whether you really do something for your body. In particular, you should pay attention to organic quality, which Matchatto also offers.

Because otherwise you will not only get great ingredients but also pollutants in your body.

Organic Matcha teas from Japan offer the best quality. At Matchatto, we make sure that our Matcha powder is of the highest quality from cultivation to production.

How much matcha can you drink a day?

Of course, the optimal amount of Matcha varies from person to person. A limit of tolerance is set in particular by the caffeine content . A bowl of matcha contains about as much caffeine as an espresso, i.e. about 35-40 milligrams, of course depending on the amount of powder, which is around one gram here.

The maximum recommended amount of caffeine for an adult is 400 mg.

We consider around 2 to 5 bowls of Matcha per day to be a healthy amount.

However, take care of yourself and your body. can you still sleep well Do you get stronger heart palpitations or other symptoms? If you have no experience with matcha tea, it is best to increase the dose slowly.

When should you drink matcha tea?

You will benefit the most from the ingredients if you drink your first Matcha on an empty stomach early in the morning after getting up. Then the active ingredients can get directly into the bloodstream.

You can also use the effects as an appetite suppressant and to boost your metabolism. If you have breakfast about an hour later, the tea has been processed to such an extent that the absorption of some substances, such as iron, which can be reduced by green tea, is fully functional again.

How should you prepare your matcha powder?

It doesn't matter whether you make a small ceremony out of the preparation of Matcha or quickly prepare the power dispenser in the kitchen - this has no influence on the health benefits. But a small tea ceremony contributes to relaxation and helps you to switch off in between.

It is important that you do not infuse the matcha powder too hot - 60 to a maximum of 80 degrees is optimal. In this way, you retain all the valuable ingredients.

It is up to you whether you enjoy the matcha warm or cold.

You can also find detailed information in our article " Macha Preparation ".

Besides tea, are there other ways to enjoy matcha?

Matcha powder is extremely versatile. If you don't like tea, you can also mix the powder into your smoothies, sprinkle it over muesli or otherwise let your creativity run wild. How about a matcha latte? You can even make matcha ice cream in the summer.

On our website you will find lots of delicious recipes from the Matcha world .

We wish you a lot of fun on your way and the best of well-being when discovering the secret of Matchatto.

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