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Matcha tea bags or matcha powder?

Do you want the traditional matcha powder or matcha in the form of tea bags to end up in your cup?
You can find out what we recommend in the article.

Matcha Tea Bags or Tea Powder: Which is Better?

On its triumphal march into European tea shelves, the traditional Matcha powder cannot avoid ending up in the cup in the form of Matcha tea bags. We will illuminate the trend for you and at the same time help you to decide what is the best way for you to enjoy matcha tea.

The History of Matcha Powder

Why is Matcha tea offered in powder form at all?
The first powdered tea came from China. From there, a monk brought the first tea seeds and the knowledge of tea production to Japan in the 12th century.

While the tradition of grinding tea was long forgotten in China, it was perfected in Japan. Today the best matcha teas come from Japan.

For many years, this valuable form of tea was only accessible to monks and the upper classes. The tea ceremony is still traditionally performed with the finest matcha powder.

In recent years, matcha from Japan has really conquered western countries, where the green powder is becoming more and more appreciated as a healthy and tasty pick-me-up.

The benefits of matcha powder

Tradition, history and rituals are one reason why matcha tea is offered and consumed in powder form. But that is only part of the truth.

One of the main reasons why the matcha tradition has been able to last and expand over so many centuries is its effect.

Because with Matcha tea, you don't just enjoy an infusion, but the whole tea leaf with all its valuable ingredients. The monks in Japan already appreciated this and used the diverse positive effects of tea as a fountain of youth and to maintain their health.

This valuable source for our well-being is now also available to us in everyday life.

Matcha tea bags: the arrival of modernity

But modernity has not stopped at Matcha. That's why matcha tea is sometimes sold in tea bags.

The advantages of this are above all the fact that you don't have to touch anything, you don't need any additional accessories and that these teas are also available in different tea blends.

In our opinion, however, the disadvantages outweigh the disadvantages:

You do not absorb many of the valuable ingredients at all Matcha tea in tea bags is rarely pure, but mostly in combination with normal green tea The Matcha quality in the tea bags is rather low or the proportion of Matcha in the bags is very low, which is already the The price of the tea bags available on the market often contains ingredients that are not specified in detail, such as "natural aromas". It is not so versatile. The offers on the market are quite limited

Matcha in tea bags is basically not much better than normal green tea in terms of its mode of action and does not differ significantly in terms of taste.

Matchatto: tradition and innovation in top form

What the tea creations of many large tea suppliers show: There is a great demand to experience matcha tea in other compositions as well.

Matchatto took up this idea early on and rethought Matcha.

In our in-house manufacture, we develop our own recipes and mix matcha powder with various ingredients.

So you get a variety of valuable active ingredients and varied flavors in traditional matcha powder - the perfect combination of tradition and innovation.

Matcha powder with essential oil

One way we can get a new taste and additional effect in Matcha tea is to flavor it with pure, natural essential oils. The tea powder is dusted with the essential oil while it is being mixed in our 3D mixing drum.

As a result, you get pure organic premium matcha powder with a pleasant touch of lemon , orange or mint . No other and, above all, no artificial additives are used. No chemistry. No confusion of tastes. And the powder is just as fine and can be mixed just as easily as pure matcha powder.

Matcha powder with herbs and spices

Another solution for developing new recipes is to mix matcha powder with finely ground herbs and spices.

Our Matcha sage is a combination of finely ground organic Matcha powder with organic Moringa and equally finely ground organic sage leaves. This creation is a true immune booster with the power to ward off emerging effects, prevent them from occurring in the first place, and accelerate healing.

Finely ground spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, anise and many more are also used in our creations. They give warmth, security and strength.

Matcha powder with moringa, mate and green coffee

In a further innovation stage, we have also combined our matcha tea with other superfoods. These include moringa, which has many valuable minerals and vitamins, mate and green coffee.

We have added Moringa as an ingredient in some teas, e.g. B. Matcha with Moringa & Cardamom or Matcha with Moringa & Sage. It rounds off the taste of the tea and complements the health effects in a powerful way.

With Matcha & Mate we have developed a tea that also appeals to fans of the South American drink of the gods. Mate tea works well with matcha. You can now drink this tea just as easily as our matcha - in powder form and enjoy the full power of the mate bush. There are Matcha & Mate in 3 delicious flavors.

Green coffee is also becoming a cult drink. While black coffee is the favorite drink of the Germans, many find the taste of the still green, unroasted bean to take some getting used to. In our 3 matcha & green coffee creations you can enjoy the valuable ingredients of green coffee in a pleasant way. Here, too, your body benefits from the fact that you eat the whole bean - of course in finely ground form - without having to swallow capsules or the like.

Matcha - Drops: The quick and healthy caffeine boost for on the go

For those moments in life when you need a lot of energy but don't have time for tea or a long break, we have developed another innovation: Matcha drops.

These are small, green dragees made from pure matcha powder, moringa and, depending on the variety, peppermint oil, lemon oil and guarana. The application is very simple: you take 2-3 drops in your mouth, chew them up thoroughly and rinse with a sip of water.

And that without you absorbing any chemical additives. The drops are pressed purely mechanically and are in no way inferior to the effect of matcha tea.

A very special way to benefit from matcha powder.

Conclusion: matcha tea bags or matcha powder?

What do we recommend you now?

For special situations in which you have no opportunity to stir a tea and still do not want to do without a stimulating tea drink, tea bags available on the market are an alternative, but they do not do justice to the potential of matcha powder.

Our clear recommendation is to enjoy matcha in powder form. This is the only way you can really benefit from all the valuable ingredients.

Thanks to Matchatto's innovative product range, you don't have to do without variety when enjoying Matcha tea, and with Matchatto Drops you always have your portion of Matcha at hand, even when you're on the go.

So there is no plausible reason to switch to tea bags. And if you are worried about the preparation, you will find tips and tricks for preparing matcha tea here.

We hope you enjoy discovering Matchatto!

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