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Tips for buying matcha sets

Numerous tips for buying matcha sets and accessories for the stylish matcha tea ceremony and enjoyment of matcha tea.

Tips on buying Matcha sets and Matcha accessories

Of course you can also drink your matcha from a normal cup. But with the right accessories, it's just a lot more fun. In this article, we explain the functions of the individual accessories again and give you numerous tips for buying your Matcha accessories.

Matcha accessories at a glance

Let's start by reviewing what accessories are available to enjoy matcha tea in style.

The matcha whisk is almost irreplaceable

Perhaps the most important utensil is the matcha whisk , called chasen in Japanese. Traditionally made of bamboo, you can use it to optimally mix and froth the matcha powder without affecting the taste. Most "Western" alternatives are made of metal, which could possibly affect the taste or negatively affect the active ingredients. The use of a plastic whisk, for example, is also not advisable, since plastic always harbors the latent risk of releasing harmful substances.

The matcha whisk holder

A lot of people have doubts here. Do I really need an extra holder for my matcha whisk?
The point is quite simple: If you want to be able to enjoy your bamboo whisk for a long time, you should definitely buy a Matcha whisk holder, the Kusenaoshi. We'll tell you why.

It ensures that your matcha whisk dries properly after each use and, above all, stays in shape. Matcha whisks that are kept without a whisk holder lose their shape over time and then only work inadequately. Incidentally, a broom holder is much cheaper than a good, new broom, so it's definitely worth buying.

The bamboo spoon

This utensil is certainly the easiest to replace - either with a small wooden spoon or even a regular teaspoon. Nevertheless, here are a few arguments for the Matcha bamboo spoon :

  • It helps you to dose the powder finely. You should use this especially with high-quality ceremonial matcha tea.
  • He just looks beautiful.
  • The bamboo spoon harmonises perfectly with the other Matcha accessories, which is particularly important in the tea ceremony.
  • The material is also important here. The natural bamboo has no harmful effect on the taste or effect of the valuable matcha powder.

The matcha bowl

The Matcha bowl can theoretically be replaced with a large cup. The following reasons speak in favor of purchasing a matcha bowl , the chawan.

  • The bowl is just the right shape and size to mix and whip the matcha powder well with the matcha whisk.
  • The bowl feels good in the hand.
  • You have enough space in the bowl for a portion of tea without spilling any of the precious liquid when stirring or transporting it.
  • Matcha bowls look aesthetic.
  • With the enjoyment of Matcha from a special bowl, you give your tea enjoyment its own setting, which reminds you to enjoy a few minutes of silence.

Matcha accessories: buy as a matcha set or individually?

The question of whether you would rather buy a set or individual accessories can be answered quite easily:

If you want basic equipment, we always recommend a Matcha set. Because the set is usually cheaper than the individual accessories and you have coordinated all the products with each other.

If you already have individual accessories, you can of course also buy individual parts, e.g. B. another Matcha bowl, an outdated bamboo spoon or defective accessories.

Purchase criteria for Matcha accessories

What should you look out for when buying a matcha set?

We give you a few criteria here, which you can add to your personal preferences.

In order to classify the value of these criteria, we would like to remind you of the 4 principles of the tea ceremony, which are:

  • Harmony (和) - Wa
  • Esteem and Respect (敬) - Kei
  • Purity (清) - Sei
  • Silence (寂) – Jaku

These principles can also be applied to the purchase recommendations for your matcha set.

Naturalness as a purchase criterion for matcha sets

Harmony and purity are 2 essential principles of the Japanese tea ceremony. Our first purchase criterion for Matcha accessories fits in perfectly with this: naturalness.

Japanese aesthetics - whether in calligraphy, ikebana or the tea ceremony, always includes nature as a standard for harmony. So it's not about rigid geometric symmetry, but about natural symmetry, harmony, shape and color. That's why your Matcha set should be made of natural materials and also look more like nature.

Loudly colourful, artificial patterns would definitely be a blatant break in style. In addition to the optical quality of naturalness, purity is also important: natural materials that are free of chemicals and other harmful substances contribute to purity.

Ultimately, you show respect for the earth with the appropriate natural accessories and you can already invite the silence that is in nature into your life with your Matcha set.

Quality as a purchase criterion for Matcha accessories

Nothing is more annoying than tools that don't work. Now the matcha accessory is not a complex tool. However, quality is also important here.

This includes, in particular, clean workmanship and high-quality materials. We would like to justify this again with the 4 principles.

A clean processing of the materials has an effect on the harmony. A matcha whisk that is crooked and crooked from the start does not exude any aesthetic appeal. The use of high-quality accessories, both in terms of materials and workmanship, is a sign of respect and admiration for yourself, the tea, and life.

The quality also has an influence on the purity - because poorly processed goods appear unclean. Last but not least, poor workmanship also has a negative impact on mental stillness, because the gaze keeps getting caught on it.

Aesthetics of matcha sets

Of course, it's also about the aesthetics. A beautifully carved bamboo spoon is visually appealing. The design of the bowl also has a great influence on the overall harmony in your arrangement.

A beautiful aesthetic shows respect for yourself and those around you, and helps you become still within.

A good feeling as an important purchase criterion

Ultimately, many of the factors, especially with regard to the external design, are also a question of your personal taste.

We would like to invite you to pay attention to your feelings. Because everything we have described to you here ultimately serves to make you feel good all around when enjoying Matcha tea. If you apply the 4 principles of the tea ceremony to your matcha accessories, then you can - in addition to the positive effects of the matcha powder - also increasingly benefit from these principles in your life every time you prepare your matcha tea and it enjoy.

How much does a good matcha accessory cost?

Many people also care about the price. That's why a good price-performance ratio is important to us at Matchatto. You don't have to use gilded shells to live up to the Principles. On the contrary. A certain simplicity is also part of Japanese aesthetics and harmony.

However, if you buy pennies from a discounter somewhere, then these usually do not meet the requirements for harmony and purity. Products from smaller handicraft businesses usually carry a completely different energy that you can feel.

Best of all, you really pay attention to how it feels when you imagine using your accessory regularly before you buy it.

High-quality Japanese Matcha bowls can quickly cost several hundred euros. Normally this is not necessary.

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