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100% natural in our shop

Our range includes premium quality tea products. All items are certified organic, with no artificial additives, NOT GMO and responsibly sourced. The natural products offered were lovingly handcrafted in our Berlin production facilities - so that our high hygiene standards are maintained.

All items 100% organic & without genetic engineering!
Buy premium quality eco products
Order natural products without additives

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Why our Matcha Shop is the right one for you

With the varied organic Matcha teas from Matchatto from Berlin, you can do something for your body and mind at the same time.

Valuable antioxidants and amino acids such as L-theanine have a positive effect on your body, increase your well-being and protect you from free radicals. Whether you drink it pure or as a Matcha Latte - you will get through the day fit, vital and concentrated.

Our Matcha tea comes from dedicated tea farmers in the best growing regions of Japan, the supplier country for our Matcha. The art of proper shading when growing tea bushes guarantees a high-quality harvest. The gentle processing of the tea leaves ensures that our customers enjoy the best of tea with every ground leaf. This is shown by the positive evaluation of our very special superfood creations.

And if the scope of our Matcha Shop is too small for you, you will find plenty of delicious recipes in the Info section to fill your table with healthy snacks. So you can spoil your guests with their Matcha Latte with homemade Matcha chocolate, biscuits or cake.

Ordering in our Matcha Shop is that easy

Placing your orders in our Matchashop is very easy.

With the large selection of delicious Matcha varieties, the most difficult thing is probably deciding on your favorite product. If you want to try everything, then start with our sample packs. You get 5 varieties in a set.

As soon as you have your organic matcha according to your taste and possible accessories such. B. have put the Matcha bowl in the shopping cart, you can go to the checkout.

When you visit our Matcha Shop for the first time, you must enter your data, e.g. B. Enter the shipping address and email address. If you then order replenishment, the order is even faster via the customer login. In the next step, your shipping will be calculated. The good thing is that there are no additional shipping costs for orders over 15 euros.

Then you choose your preferred payment method and your delivery is already on its way to your home.

The delivery time is only a few days. If it does take longer, this may be due to the transit time of the post.

If you are still hesitating: As a new customer, you can use our discount code 10NEU to get a 10 percent discount on the price of every product in your shopping cart.

And if you are just as enthusiastic about our organic matcha as our other customers. then we look forward to a review on our website.

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