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Included in the bundle:

Matcha & Guarana “Energy Booster” pellets with lemon


Organic matcha leaf powder from Japan, Organic Moringa leaf powder from Asia, Organic guarana from South America and Organic lemon oil from Italy

180 pieces

Aromatic matcha & green coffee “stimulant” tea


Organic certified matcha tea powder from Japan, organic green coffee and organic moringa powder

100 g

Matcha & Mate “pick-me-up” tea


Organic certified matcha tea powder from Japan, organic mate and organic moringa and organic lemon oil from Italy

100 g

Bamboo matcha whisk for making tea


Matcha broom (Chasen) made of robust bamboo with a delicate brown color, high-quality workmanship and particularly easy to care for

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Special features of our Matcha & Guarana “energy booster” drops

Our “energy booster” pellets are made from pressed matcha tea, organic moringa powder and natural organic guarana without additives or fillers. You have natural caffeine and all important nutrients in one drop. The little stimulants for on the go are the perfect energy kick in everyday life, such as for long car journeys, in the office, in practice or seminar, before exercise or when you don't have much time to brew a stimulant tea. With the pellets in your handbag or trouser pocket, you always have a convenient alternative to counteract fatigue - energy to go, so to speak.

Matcha +und Guarana „Energiebooster“ Presslinge in der Hand

Aromatischer Matcha und grüner Kaffee als Wachmacher Tee

Matcha & green coffee “stimulant” tea for more energy

The green coffee in this matchatto creation enhances the positive effects of organic matcha for physical well-being. Numerous studies suggest that green coffee has many beneficial properties. The high content of the antioxidant chlorogenic acid slows the absorption of sugar into the blood and can therefore help to reduce blood sugar levels in the long term. This substance also has a positive effect on blood pressure. Various amino acids have a positive effect on the metabolism and storage of nutrients. Not to forget, of course, the content of trigonelline and caffeine, which lead to the uplifting effect.

Invigorating matcha & mate “pick-me-up” tea

Our tea innovation Matchatto Mate & Moringa with lemon impresses with its natural, fruity taste. By enriching it with essential lemon oil, this mixture not only stimulates metabolism and digestion, but also the senses. So drinking our tea helps to lighten your mood. The antioxidants and many other active ingredients help slow down aging processes, strengthen the immune system and have a positive effect on physical well-being. With this matcha tea drink you make a valuable contribution to your vitality every day and gain momentum to master the challenges of everyday life.

Belebender Matcha und Mate als Muntermacher Tee

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